Friday, September 29, 2006

There. I did it.

It's really hard to post something after not posting anything for a month. A month. There is no excuse for that, huh? I tried to post a couple of times, but it seemed like the post needed to be great because I'd been silent for so long. I've given up on that. I'm not sure any of my posts were that brilliant to begin with, so what's the big deal?

In my absence, I've started my new job, which is totally different from my old job in every way imaginable except that I work in the same building and use the same computer and have the same co-workers. Maybe it doesn't sound that different, but it is.

G and I also returned from our six year anniversary trip a couple of days ago. We went to the northwest - Washington and British Columbia. (I abbreviated northwest as NW in an email to a friend and he replied, "I can't think, for the life of me, what 'NW' is. I thought 'New World,' but that's here. Hmmmm."
) We had a great time, and perhaps if I can keep up this blogging thing for more than one day, I'll tell you some stories.

I really left you hanging on the story about our neighbors. I'm kind of over it now. The summary is that the house next to us is only occupied sometimes, so we asked the owners if we could park G's mom's car (G's parents live in their RV and are spending the summer in Wyoming) in their empty driveway. They agreed and we did so. The problem neighbors are on the other side of the vacation house. They recently had their dirt driveway concreted (is that a word?). While it was curing, they would park on the street or behind G's mom's car, which we thought was a little rude because what if we needed to use it? And then they just kept parking there. They refused to use their driveway. They would even park both cars behind G's mom's car in the borrowed driveway. We didn't really need to use the car, so it didn't actually affect us, but it was the principle of the whole thing. Every day I would come home and wonder aloud, "Why won't they use their brand new driveway?"

But they kind of stopped doing that for the most part, and I'm not so worried about it anymore.