Thursday, January 04, 2007

Potato, Potahto

A month or so ago, I felt like I might be coming down with a cold, so I started taking Zicam. I took it as directed, every three hours, even at night (one of the benefits of being a really good sleeper). I think it really worked. I had some congestion, but that was it, and it only lasted several days instead of a week or two.

One of G's coworkers was coming down with a cold on Tuesday, so G mentioned that I swore by Zicam. The coworker then told G Zicam was being recalled.* G told me this last night, and mentioned that I might want to look into it. I agreed, but evidently for different reasons.

G - So you'll know why you shouldn't take it again.
me - So I can stock up before they take it off the shelves.

* It seems that nasal application of zinc can cause you to lose your sense of smell. I used the quick-dissove tablets, so no problem there. Also, the lawsuit that I found was back in 2003, so I think if it was that big of a problem, something would have happened by now. The moral of this blog - Feel free to stock up on Zicam, but steer clear of the nasal swabs and sprays.

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